15 Netflix Originals For Binge Watch This Week: May 27-June 1st (2024)

15 Netflix Originals for Binge watch
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Looking for something fun to watch this week? We’ve got you covered! From May 27th to June 1st, there are 15 amazing Netflix Originals you can binge-watch. Whether you like comedy, drama, or action, there’s something for everyone.

Last week, Netflix released “Atlas,” but it didn’t perform as well as expected. On the bright side, Shane Gillis’s “Tires” had everyone laughing, and another real estate reality show Buying London was a big hit.

This week, some of the most anticipated shows are coming up. Get ready for the Spanish drama “A Part of You,” the inspiring “Raising Voices,” and a thrilling psychological show called “Eric.”

What's coming to Netflix on May 28, 2024

15 Netflix Originals for Binge watch

Burnt (2015)

“Burnt” is a 2015 drama film directed by John Wells and starring Bradley Cooper as Adam Jones, a talented but troubled chef. Here’s a brief summary of the plot:

Adam Jones was once a top chef in Paris, but his career was derailed by his drug addiction and erratic behavior. After hitting rock bottom, he goes to New Orleans to get clean and shuck one million oysters as a form of penance. Now sober and determined to redeem himself, Adam moves to London to try and earn a third Michelin star, which is the highest accolade in the culinary world.

In London, Adam reconnects with old colleagues and recruits new ones, including Helene (Sienna Miller), a talented but skeptical sous-chef. He faces numerous challenges, including rivals in the culinary world, the pressure of maintaining his sobriety, and his own inner demons. Along the way, Adam learns the importance of teamwork, humility, and the true meaning of excellence in his craft.

“Burnt” is a story of redemption and the quest for perfection, set against the high-stakes backdrop of the restaurant industry. 

What's coming to Netflix on May 29, 2024

15 Netflix Originals for Binge watch
Bionic. Image Source: Netflix

1. Bionic (2024) This Brazilian dystopian sci-fi film explores a future where robotic prosthetics redefine the world of sports. It’s a fascinating look at technology and human potential.

2. Colors of Evil: Red (2024) A gripping Polish crime drama movie that dives deep into the world of crime and corruption. Expect intense drama and thrilling twists.

3. Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult (2024) This documentary uncovers the dark side of social media fame. It follows a group of prominent TikTok dancers who find themselves trapped in a cult disguised as a management company called 7M. A must-watch for those intrigued by the hidden dangers of the digital age.

4. Netflix Stories: Virgin River (Android and iOS) For gamers, there’s a new addition to Netflix Games. Set in the world of the beloved drama “Virgin River,” you’ll move to the virtual reality of VR and interact with the residents of this sleepy town. It’s a unique way to experience the heartwarming series in a whole new format.

5. Patrick Melrose (Limited Series) This acclaimed Showtime series starring Benedict Cumberbatch follows the troubled but charismatic Patrick Melrose as he navigates his way through family trauma and addiction. A compelling watch for fans of intense drama and exceptional acting.

6. The Life You Wanted (Limited Series) This Italian Netflix Original drama tells the story of Gloria, whose life is thrown into chaos when someone from her past re-enters her world. Expect emotional twists and a deep exploration of personal relationships.

What's coming to Netflix on May 30, 2024

15 Netflix Originals for Binge watch
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1. Eric (Limited Series) This British drama series stars Benedict Cumberbatch as a father desperately searching for his missing son. With the help of a life-size version of his puppet creation, he embarks on a poignant and gripping journey. Expect an emotional and captivating story that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

2. Geek Girl (Limited Series) This coming-of-age series follows an awkward teen who is scouted by a top London modeling agent. As she navigates the glamorous yet challenging world of modeling, she learns that some people are meant to stand out. It’s an inspiring tale about embracing individuality and finding confidence.

What's coming to Netflix on May 31st, 2024

15 Netflix Originals for Binge watch
A Part of You. Image Source: IMDB

1. A Part of You (2024) This Swedish teen drama follows a young girl who is forced to reinvent herself at 17 years old. It’s a touching story about growth, identity, and finding your place in the world.

2. Chola Chabuca Details about this title are scarce, but it’s another exciting addition to Netflix’s diverse offerings. Stay tuned for more information as the release date approaches!

3. How to Ruin Love: The Proposal (Season 1) This South African romantic drama series explores the complexities of love and relationships. Expect a blend of heartfelt moments and dramatic twists.


15 Netflix Originals for Binge watch
Raising Voices. Image Source: Netflix

4. Raising Voices (Season 1) This Spanish teen drama series centers around young people finding their voices and navigating life’s challenges. It’s an inspiring and relatable series for teens and young adults.

5. Scavengers Reign (Season 1) Originally aired on Max, this sci-fi animated series takes you on a thrilling adventure in a strange and distant world. Perfect for fans of imaginative and visually stunning storytelling.

6. Tòkunbọ̀ (2024) A Nigerian drama that delves into powerful themes and compelling narratives. It’s a must-watch for those interested in diverse and culturally rich stories.


Which Netflix Originals are you waiting for this week. Let me know in the comments below. 



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