Netflix’s ‘The Whirlwind 2024’ Cast, Plot, Release date: A New Political K-Drama Series

Netflix's The Whirlwind 2024
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“The Whirlwind 2024” is an exciting new South Korean drama series coming to Netflix on June 28, 2024. This Series is directed by Kim Yong Wan and written by Park Kyung Soo, it promises to be a gripping political tale. Kim Yong Wan is known for The Cursed (2021)Champion (2018) and Daytime Moon (2013).

Now, Let’s dive into the details of The Whirlwind and see the plot, cast members and other important information. But before that don’t forget to check our article on what other Netflix series and- movies are coming to Netflix in June 2024.

Plot of The Whirlwind 2024

The story follows Park Dong Ho, South Korea’s prime minister, who is determined to take down the corrupt president and challenge the influence of powerful corporations known as chaebols. Jung Soo Jin, the deputy prime minister for economic affairs, joins him in this battle, leading to intense political conflicts.

Park Dong-ho devises a daring plan to assassinate the president, aiming to eradicate corruption once and for all. However, Jeong Su-jin, equally ambitious and determined, maneuvers to thwart his plans and seize even greater power for herself. This sets the stage for a stormy clash, transcending mere politics.

The battle between Park and Jeong is not just about politics; it’s fueled by deeply held beliefs and personal agendas. The trailer offers glimpses into Park’s motivations for his drastic decision to assassinate The President while showcasing Jeong Su-jin’s unwavering determination and ambition.

Netflix's The Whirlwind 2024
Image Source: HanCinema

However, the assassination is only the beginning. As the enmity between Park and Jeong intensifies, they mobilize every resource at their disposal. From the corridors of power to the court of public opinion, including even the first lady, they draw the audience into a whirlwind of intrigue and betrayal.

Cast Members in The Whirlwind 2024

Netflix's The Whirlwind
Image Source: HanCinema

Sol Kyung Gu and Kim Hee Ae will be in lead roles along with other supporting cast members, including Lee Hae Young, Kim Hong Pa, Jeon Bae Soo and Lee Jae Woong for The Whirlwind. 

Now you must be wondering where you have seen the lead roles before. Let’s get to know a little more about them.

Netflix's The Whirlwind 2024
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Sol Kyung Gu as Park Dong Ho
Sol Kyung Gu marks his return to the small screen after over two decades, having previously starred in the thriller “Kill Bok Soon” on Netflix. He is also well-known for his roles in movies such as “Memoir of a Murderer,” “Gonggongui Jeog,” and “Oasis.”

Kim Hee Ae as Jung Soo Jin
Kim Hee Ae is recognized for her role as Hwang Do Hee in “Queenmaker” on Netflix. She also starred in “The World of the Married,” the highest-rated cable Korean drama series in history.

Netflix's The Whirlwind 2024
Image Source: Vogue Taiwan

Release Date and Production Status of The Whirlwind

Filming for “The Whirlwind” reportedly took place from late January 2023 and concluded in late June 2023. The series is now complete and ready for its release on June 28, 2024. 

Are you excited to watch The Whirlwind 2024, Let me know in the comments below. And if you have any questions related to this upcoming series, do ask us in the comments below and We will try to answer them ASAP.


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