How a Simple ’24 Hours in Lidl’ Documentary Became a Netflix Sensation

How a Simple '24 Hours in Lidl' Documentary Became a Netflix Sensation
How a Simple '24 Hours in Lidl' Documentary Became a Netflix Sensation. Image Source: Netflix

The UK has made a big impact on Netflix this year with several surprising hits. One of these is “Baby Reindeer,” a global smash based on a stand-up comedy show about serious issues like rape and stalking. 

Another is “Eric,” a dark drama about child prostitution, police corruption, and addiction in 1980s New York, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. 

But the most surprising hit is “24 Hours in Lidl,” which is currently number three in Netflix UK’s film chart. It has even surpassed Jodie Comer’s drama “The End We Start From” and Richard Linklater’s “Hit Man.”

Not Your Typical Film

“24 Hours in Lidl” is not an action-packed thriller or a martial arts film. It’s a simple, one-off documentary that follows a typical day at the supermarket chain Lidl. At just 43 minutes long, it’s more of a TV episode than a film. 

Even the director, Dominic Callaghan, was surprised by its success. He joked on social media, “Move over Marvel: No.2 in the Netflix film charts this week 24 hours in Lidl. 

It’s a high-adrenaline rollercoaster ride through the middle aisle of Lidl. Remarkable!”

Why Everyone is Watching '24 Hours in Lidl' on Netflix
Why Everyone is Watching '24 Hours in Lidl' on Netflix. Image Source: The telegraph

Comfort TV

Ed Taylor, the executive producer at Honeybee Media, believes the documentary’s success is due to its comforting nature. He explains that in a world full of changes, people find comfort in familiar things. 

Watching bread being baked and delivered to a supermarket feels reassuring, almost like a kid’s story.

Taylor’s company was asked by Channel 5 to make several one-off films about UK supermarkets and high street chains. These include “Costco at Christmas,” “24 Hours in Tesco,” and “Inside Greggs 24/7.” 

After airing on Channel 5, the rights were sold to Netflix. While “Costco at Christmas” and “24 Hours in Tesco” did well, “24 Hours in Lidl” quickly climbed to the top 10.

Move Over Marvel: The Lidl Documentary Dominating Netflix Charts
Move Over Marvel: The Lidl Documentary Dominating Netflix Charts. Image Source: The Telegraph

The Role of Algorithms

Some people wonder if Netflix’s recommendation algorithm is behind the documentary’s success. However, a company insider insists that the algorithm only promotes shows that viewers are already watching. 

If a show starts to become popular, the algorithm helps it reach more people, but the initial interest must come from the audience.

Tom Harrington, an analyst at Enders Analysis, says that “24 Hours in Lidl” is not an isolated case. Other Channel 5 shows have also done well on Netflix. 

He believes Netflix is becoming smarter about the shows it buys, choosing ones that are likely to be popular on the platform.

How a Simple '24 Hours in Lidl' Documentary Became a Netflix Sensation
How a Simple '24 Hours in Lidl' Documentary Became a Netflix Sensation. Image Source: Netflix

Local Success

While “24 Hours in Lidl” is a hit in the UK, it hasn’t gained the same level of popularity globally. For example, Olaf Falafel, a stand-up comic who appeared in the documentary, joked about its success on social media. 

However, his discussion of radishes in Luton won’t be seen in other countries like Germany or Egypt because the film is only available on Netflix UK.

The documentary’s popularity in the UK has been boosted by media stories and interviews with former Lidl employees. These stories offer tips on the best times to shop at Lidl and how to find the best deals. 

This kind of practical advice seems to resonate with viewers.


The success of “24 Hours in Lidl” suggests that Netflix might benefit from producing more simple, comforting shows instead of focusing solely on big-budget dramas. Shows that offer practical advice and a glimpse into everyday life can be just as appealing to viewers.


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