Under Paris 2024: Netflix’s French Thriller Film – Plot, Cast & Release date

Under Paris 2024: Netflix's French Thriller Film
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if you are bored of watching Romantic comedies and sci-fi films on Netflix, then director Xavier Gens is bringing another Shark thriller French film ‘Under Paris’ 2024 to Netflix to blow your mind for sure.

Xavier is known for his credits in Mayhem and Gangs of London. and he is also the co-writer of the screenplay along with Yaël Langmann, Yannick Dahan, and Maud Heywang.

Let’s delve into it and find out about the ‘Under Paris’ trailer, run time, plot, cast, production and everything you need to know about this upcoming Netflix film in 2024.

What is Under Paris 2024 all about?

In this gripping tale, we follow the journey of scientist Sophia, portrayed by the talented Bérénice Bejo, as she stumbles upon a startling discovery along with Mika who is a social activist. A massive shark is swimming deep under the city’s waters while Paris is organizing the World Triathlon Championships on the Seine for the first time ever.

Sophia trembled with haunting memories from her past but she bravely stepped up and with the help of Mika, Jade, and Juan along with the local Seine River Police Commander, she safeguards Paris from a potential international bloodbath.

Under Paris 2024: Netflix's French Thriller Film
Image Source: Youtube

Cast and Crew members of Under Paris 2024?

This film is produced by Sebastien Auscher. Xavier Gens is the Director and co-writer of this film along with other co-writers Yaël Langmann, Yannick Dahan, and Maud Heywang.

Under Paris 2024: Netflix's French Thriller Film
Image Source: Youtube

Bérénice Bejo (Sophia), Anaïs Parello (Jade), Nassim Lyes (Adil), Léa Léviant (Mika), Iñaki Lartigue (Juan), Julien Jakout (Member of SOS Sharks) and José Antonio Pedrosa Moreno (Reportero) are in the lead roles in this film.

Where was the filming of Under Paris completed?

Most of the filming was done in the City of Light, Alicante, Valencian Community, Spain along with Brussels, Belgium. However, some part of the filming was also completed in Paris France.

Information sourceIMDB

Wha is the run time and release date of Under Paris?

This thrilling French film will be released on Netflix on June 5, 2024. and This film has a run time of 1 hour and 41 minutes.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the depths of intrigue and suspense with “Under Paris.” Directed by Xavier Gens and starring a talented ensemble cast, this Netflix French thriller promises to deliver edge-of-your-seat excitement. With its captivating storyline and expert direction, “Under Paris” is sure to leave audiences craving more.

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