‘The Decameron’ Netflix release date, plot, cast and everything you need to know.

'The Decameron' Netflix release date
Image source: Netflix

Welcome to a tantalizing invitation to indulge in a whirlwind of wine, romance, and mischief amidst the picturesque backdrop of the Italian countryside.

The Decameron with 8 episodes is set to premier on Netflix in July 2024. The Decameron is a thrilling blend of comedy and drama, directed by the creative genius of Kathleen Jordan. She is known for her work on “Teenage Bounty Hunters” and “American Princess.”

Loosely inspired by the timeless tales of the same name, this series is primed to captivate audiences with its enticing storyline. We already have an article on our website which you can also check about all the other new releases coming to Netflix July 2024. 

Venturing into the heart of 1348 Florence, amidst the chaos of the bubonic plague, “The Decameron” delves into the ever-relevant theme of social divides. Amidst the pandemic’s grasp, a colourful cast of characters navigates the intricacies of class struggle, offering a poignant reflection on contemporary society.

What is the plot of 'The Decameron'?

“The Decameron” unfolds against the backdrop of 1348 Florence, where a group of nobles and their servants seek refuge from the Black Death at the Villa Santa. To pass the time, they share stories ranging from witty to debauched. However, as social norms disintegrate, the tale transforms into a struggle for survival amidst the collapse of lavish indulgence.

Through this adaptation of Giovanni Boccaccio’s classic, the series explores themes of power, privilege, and the raw essence of humanity in the face of mortality.


‘The Decameron’ Netflix release date
image source: Netflix

In this gripping adaptation of Giovanni Boccaccio’s timeless classic, “The Decameron” not only entertains but also offers a poignant commentary on the human condition. Through the lens of a bygone era, the series explores themes of power, privilege, and the fragility of societal constructs.

As the characters grapple with their mortality amidst the chaos of the plague, they are forced to confront the true essence of humanity in its rawest form.

'The Decameron' cast members

“The Decameron” boasts a stellar ensemble cast, including:

– Tony Hale as Sirisco, the affable yet ill-prepared steward of Villa Santa.
– Zosia Mamet as Pampinea, the optimistic but self-unaware soon-to-be lady of the villa.
– Saoirse-Monica Jackson as Misia, the codependent servant devoted to pleasing her demanding master, Pampinea.
– Tanya Reynolds as Licisca, an obedient yet unpredictable servant whose devotion to her family is tested.
– Amar Chadha-Patel as Dioneo, a cocksure physician caught between social classes.

‘The Decameron’ Netflix release date
Top (L-R): Tony Hale, Zosia Mamet, Saoirse-Monica Jackson and Tanya Reynolds. Bottom (L-R): Amar Chadha-Patel, Leila Farzad, Lou Gala and Karan Gill . Image source: IMDB

– Leila Farzad as Stratilia, the intuitive and steady backbone of Villa Santa.
– Lou Gala as Neifile, a God-fearing and highly libidinous woman undergoing transformative experiences.
– Karan Gill as Panfilo, the charming son of a prominent political family who becomes a formidable presence.
– Douggie McMeekin as Tindaro, a rich noble with an insufferable attitude towards women.
– Jessica Plummer as Filomena, a spoiled oddball with a chip on her shoulder.

With such a diverse and talented cast, “The Decameron” promises to deliver captivating performances that bring its intriguing characters to life.

'The Decameron' creators and it's production status

“The Decameron” is the brainchild of creator and show-runner Kathleen Jordan, known for her work on “Teenage Bounty Hunters” and “American Princess.”

This series is produced by Jenji Kohan and is produced under the banner of production company ‘Tilted Productions’. ‘This series is a collaborative effort that promises to deliver an “awesome, funny, timely, weird show” for Netflix’ according to executive producer Kohan.


‘The Decameron’ Netflix release date
(L-R): Kathleen Jordan, Jenji Kohan, Black McCormick and Tara Herrmann. Image source: IMDB

Executive producers Blake McCormick, Tara Herrmann, and Jenji Kohan, along with director Uppendahl, bring their wealth of experience from projects like “Orange Is the New Black,” “Ratched,” and “American Crime Story” to the production.

Kathleen Jordan expresses her excitement about the project, stating, “I can’t wait for people to meet this ridiculous group of characters. I’m sure Giovanni Boccaccio would be… confused?” With such a talented team at the helm, “The Decameron” is poised to captivate audiences with its unique blend of humor, drama, and timely commentary.

Are you excited to watch The Decameron on Netflix. Let me know in the comments below. Source of the information: Netflix



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