‘That ’90s Show’ Season 2 will be released in 2 Parts with new cast Line up at Netflix.

That '90s Show season 2
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Get ready to party with your favorite candy because That ’90s Show is coming back! Part 2 will be here on June 27, and Part 3 is hitting screens on October 24. Remember to mark those dates on your calendar!

In That ’90s Show, we follow Leia Forman (played by Callie Haverda) and her cool gang of friends during their summer adventures in Point Place, Wisconsin. Leia stays with her grandparents, Red (Kurtwood Smith) and Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp), and has a blast with her new crew.


“We loved visiting Point Place last time. We’re super excited to go back,” says Lindsey Turner, one of the show’s creators and executive producers. Bonnie and Terry Turner, also creators and producers, add, “We’re so happy to be back for another season. Thanks to all our fans for watching. We appreciate you!”

And guess what? We’re not just seeing familiar faces. There are some awesome ’90s stars joining the fun too!

What is Season 2 of That '90s Show all about?

That '90s Show Season 2
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In Season 2 of That ’90s Show, Leia and Jay are thrilled to reunite after being apart for nine months. But Leia’s feeling uneasy because Jay doesn’t know about her almost kiss with Nate. Meanwhile, Nate worries that his girlfriend, Nikki, is unaware of what happened too. How long can they keep this secret? Not very long!

When the truth finally emerges, it puts their relationships in jeopardy. Friendships are tested, and the summer fun they were looking forward to is at risk of ending too soon. Will they be able to work things out and salvage their summer adventures?

Who are the cast members in Season 2 of That '90s show?

In Season 2 of That ’90s Show, you’ll see:

  • Callie Haverda as Leia, the smart one.
  • Ashley Aufderheide as Leia’s new best friend, Gwen.
  • Mace Coronel as Leia’s crush, Jay.
  • Reyn Doi as the funny friend, Ozzie.
  • Maxwell Acee Donovan as Gwen’s athletic brother, Nate.
  • Sam Morelos as Nate’s clever girlfriend, Nikki. 


That '90s Show season 2
Image source: Teen vogue

And guess what? Some familiar faces are back! Don Stark, Laura Prepon, and Andrea Anders are returning. Plus, there are exciting guest stars like Will Forte, Seth Green, Lisa Loeb, Carmen Electra, Wayne Knight, Kevin Smith, Tommy Chong, Jason Mewes, Matt Rife, and Kadeem Hardison.

What was Season 1 of That '90s Show all about?

In Season 1 of That ’90s Show, we went back to 1995 and got to see some familiar faces! Original cast members like Topher Grace, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Laura Prepon, and Wilmer Valderrama made special appearances to pass the torch to the new generation.

Leia’s parents, played by Topher Grace and Laura Prepon, returned as Eric and Donna. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis appeared in the first episode as Jay’s parents, Michael and Jackie.

That '90s Show season 2
image source: Radio Times

“We were super happy with how much everyone liked our first season,” says Gregg Mettler, one of the show’s creators and producers. “We’re excited to come back for more fun in 1996!”

The season ended with Leia almost kissing her neighbor, Nate, before going back to Chicago for school. What’s going to happen next with Leia and Jay? And what about Nate and Nikki? We’ll find out in Season 2!

Until then you can check our article on what’s coming to Netflix in June 2024 so that you plan your entire month accordingly.

Are you going to watch That ’90s Show Season 2, Let me know in the comments below.

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