Roosters: Dutch Comedy Series coming to Netflix in 2025

Roosters: Dutch Comedy Series
image source: Netflix

Lights, camera, and plenty of comedy! Netflix has just unveiled exciting news that’s sure to tickle your funny bone. As per Richard Kemper (Screenplay writer), This series is in production right now and “Roosters” is set to premiere on Netflix in 2025. If you’re craving a dose of laughter and a glimpse into the wild world of modern masculinity, then this Dutch comedy series is bound to be your next binge-worthy obsession.

Let’s unfold the plot, actors, creators behind this comedy film, production company and everything you need to know to increase your excitement. Meanwhile, if you want to know about the new films and shows coming to Netflix in 2024, We have already published an article for you on our website so you do not feel left out.


Roosters: Dutch Comedy Series
image source: Netflix

What is the Plot of Roosters

This series is all about four buddies named Mike, Ivo, Daan, and Greg. They’re all in their forties and feeling a bit lost in a world where women are taking charge.

In Roosters, you’ll follow these pals as they try to figure out who they are and where they fit in. From silly mistakes at work to funny problems in their relationships, their adventures will have you giggling nonstop.

Directors and Writers in Roosters

Roosters: Dutch Comedy Series
left to right: Anna van der Heide, Anna van Keimpema, Luuk van Bemmelen and Richard Kemper. Image source: Facebook,

This comedy series is directed by Anna van der Heide and Anna van Keimpema. Anna van Keimpema is known for her credits in Happy Single (2023), Tim & Yoyo (2012), 90 Degree Downhill (2006) and The Cave (2001). Due to such great talents behind this film, we can surely expect to have great entertainment Next Year.

Luuk van Bemmelen and Richard Kemper have written the screenplay of this series. and this series is being produced under the banner of Hollands Licht. 

Richard recently posted on Facebook

Proud that I was allowed to write this series together with Netflix for Luuk van Bemmelen A new time, a new man

In the new comedy series Haantjes we follow a close group of friends who feel lost in the modern world. With, among other things🐓
Jeroen Spitzenberger @waldemartorenstra
@andredongelmans & Benja Bruijning.
Showing on Netflix from 2025! (Recording has begun)
Screen Short: Facebook

Cast in Roosters

Jeroen Spitzenberger

Jeroen Spitzenberger (1976) is a Dutch actor and he is best known internationally for his supporting role in the Oscar-nominated film Twin Sisters (2002). Some of his other films are Divorce ( TV series), Mannen Harten and many more. 

Waldemar Torenstra

Waldemar Torenstra was born on March 29, 1974, in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. He is an actor and producer, known for Divorce (2012), Vechtershart (2015) and De gelukkige huisvrouw (2010).

Roosters: Dutch Comedy Series
left to right: Jeroen Spitzenberger, Waldemar Torenstra, Andre Dongelmans, Benja Bruijning. Image source: IMDB< Rotten Tomatoes, Telegraaf, Niosagenda

Andre Dongelmans

Andre Dongelmans is known for De luizenmoeder (2018), The Dinner (2013) and De Dansende Man (2021)

Benja Bruijning

Benja Bruijning is a Dutch actor who made his breakthrough with the Dutch romantic comedy Family Way (2012) opposite Carice van Houten (Game of Thrones). He played lead roles in Rain Man, Much Ado About Nothing, Monsters and Lulu. He performed in a play written by himself: Not Meant That Way

Source of the information: Netflix

Are you looking forward to watching this upcoming Dutch comedy film in 2025? Let me know in the comments below. Meanwhile, you can check what’s new on Netflix in 2024.




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