Netflix’s Raising Voices Ending Explained: What Happened To Berta?

Netflix's Raising Voices Ending Explained
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Welcome to the riveting world of “Raising Voices,” a compelling new series that debuted on Netflix on May 30th, captivating audiences with its gripping narrative and powerful performances. We also have published an article with some details like Plot, Cast and creation team details if you are intrested in knowing that. 

Based on the equally enthralling book of the same name, penned by acclaimed Spanish screenwriter and journalist Miguel Saez Carral, “Raising Voices” transports viewers into a fictional realm where voices resonate with passion, purpose, and profound meaning.

In this thought-provoking series, we journey through a tapestry of intertwining stories, each woven with complexity and depth. As the characters navigate through the intricacies of life, love, and loss, their voices rise above the silence, echoing the universal human experience.

As “Raising Voices” unfolds, prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with twists, turns, and moments of profound revelation. Join us as we explore the power of the human voice and the enduring impact of stories that dare to be heard.

Raising Voices Ending Explained

Alma’s process starts with her rash choice to escape home while under parental discipline for her scholarly battles. Baffled and feeling misjudged, she looks for comfort outside the bounds of her family. This mission for opportunity drives her into a problematic circumstance, as she winds up in the organization of questionable street pharmacists. In spite of their dismal alerts, Alma figures out how to remove herself from the dangerous experience, but she is shaken.

Netflix’s Raising Voices Ending
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In this manner, Alma wanders into the nightlife scene with her companion Greta, where she experiences both captivation and disillusionment. In the midst of the charm of the club environment, Alma’s weaknesses are exacerbated by the utilisation of medications, which sets off a descending winding into sadness. Her transient association with an old colleague fills in as a transitory interruption from her internal conflict.

Netflix’s Raising Voices Ending
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After getting back, Alma is defied by the cruel truth of familial conflict, finishing in a brutal squabble with her dad. This conflict highlights the firmly established issues inside her relational peculiarity and further compounds Alma’s feeling of estrangement. Basically, Alma’s process is an impactful investigation of juvenile disobedience, personal unrest, and the mission for character in the midst of cultural tensions and familial difficulty.

Netflix’s Raising Voices Ending
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Alma’s underlying introduction to closeness ends up being a frightening difficulty. Regardless of communicating her craving to take part in sex to her companion Hernan, she rapidly understands what is happening isn’t unfurling as she had trusted. In a cloudiness of medications and liquor, she finds herself unfit to convey her uneasiness, prompting a horrendous encounter.

Netflix’s Raising Voices Ending
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Tormented by divided recollections and unfit to remember the personality of her buddy, Alma is pushed into a hurricane of disarray and self-fault. After sorting out the occasions of that pivotal evening, Alma goes up against Hernan, blaming him for taking advantage of her weak state. She regrets that a genuine companion would have focused on her wellbeing over their own longings. Battling with sensations of culpability and seclusion, Alma wrestles with the conviction that she alone is liable for the injury she persevered.

What Happend to Berta?

After Alma encounters infringement, she goes through a change, committing herself to scholastics and working on her relationship with her mom. She goes up against Hernan, getting an expression of remorse and working with the capture of street pharmacists. In the meantime, Alma’s association with Greta’s sibling develops, yet he plans to set out on an excursion all over the planet. However he welcomes Alma to go along with him, she understands she should focus on her yearnings.

Netflix’s Raising Voices Ending
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Berta, having sought after workmanship school, goes through a noticeable change, however internally, the injury demonstrates overpowering. Let be by her mom, she endeavours self-destruction. All the while, Alma, racing to a guaranteed ladies’ dissent, is engaged in an auto crash. Their ways cross at the crisis community, where Berta trusts in Alma about her set of experiences and the educator’s maltreatment.

Netflix’s Raising Voices Ending
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In fortitude, Alma and Berta make an unknown web-based entertainment stage for Berta to articulate her thoughts, causing her to notice the encounters of attack survivors. Notwithstanding Berta’s hesitance, Alma consents to coach the set of experienced educator with the end goal of uncovering him. In any case, when the educator out of the blue acquires another boss, Alma is left crushed by her own experience with him.

Netflix’s Raising Voices Ending
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As strains heighten, Berta proposes posting a photograph of the educator’s vehicle to urge different casualties to approach. However, Alma’s disclosure about her own upsetting experience persuades Berta to think she was questioned, coming full circle in her grievous choice to take her life.

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