Netflix’s How to Rob a Bank is Set to Premiere on June 5, 2024

How to Rob a Bank
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Netflix is about to release a new docuseries called “How to Rob a Bank.” It tells the story of a bank robber named Scott Scurlock. In the 1990s, Scurlock robbed many banks in Seattle and stole millions of dollars. He was very clever and hard to catch. The police called him “Hollywood” because he wore masks and used tricks from movies.

This series will show how Scurlock planned and carried out his robberies. It will also tell about his life and how he became a bank robber. The show features interviews with people who knew Scurlock and the police who tried to catch him. “How to Rob a Bank” promises to be an exciting story about real-life crime.

What is How to Rob a Bank all about?

The plot of “How to Rob a Bank” follows the true story of Scott Scurlock, a clever and elusive bank robber in the 1990s. Scurlock, once a premed student and outdoorsman, turned to a life of crime after becoming a meth dealer. Inspired by the movie “Point Break,” he decided to rob banks.

Scurlock’s robberies were dramatic and well-planned. He used masks and tricks from movies to avoid capture. His actions earned him the nickname “Hollywood” from the police. Despite their efforts, the police could not catch him for a long time.

The series shows how Scurlock’s criminal activities escalated, leading to a thrilling chase. The FBI and Seattle police teamed up to stop him. The story ends with the intense pursuit and eventual capture of Scurlock. “How to Rob a Bank” includes interviews with Scurlock’s friends, accomplices, journalists, and detectives, giving a complete picture of his extraordinary life and crimes.

How to Rob a Bank
image source: Roundtable Post Production

Creators Behind "How to Rob a Bank"

The docuseries “How to Rob a Bank” is directed by Stephen Robert Morse and Seth Porges.

Stephen Robert Morse: He is an American-British filmmaker known for his previous work, including producing the Primetime Emmy Awards-nominated documentary “Amanda Knox.” Morse began making films while studying journalism as an Erasmus Mundus student in 2011. His documentary on Amanda Knox covers her life, wrongful prison sentence for murder, and eventual acquittal.

Seth Porges brought his own expertise and experience to the project.

Together, Morse and Porges have collaborated to bring the fascinating story of Scott Scurlock’s bank robberies to the screen

How to Rob a Bank
L-R: Seth Porges and Stephen Robert Morse. Image source: IMDB, Roundable Post Production

Release date of How to Rob a Bank?

“How to Rob a Bank,” the captivating docuseries chronicling the life of bank robber Scott Scurlock, is set to premiere on June 5, 2024. Mark your calendars and get ready for an exciting journey into the world of real-life crime on Netflix!

Are you excited to watch How to Rob a Bank on Netflix? Let me know in the comments below. and don’t forget to check all the films and shows coming to Netflix in June 2024 here. 



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