New Netflix Rom-Com ‘La Dolce Villa 2024′ : All you need to know

‘La Dolce Villa’ New Netflix Rom-Com
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Almost after a long quiet in the Romantic Comedy Genre, Now we can see a resurgence in this sector too. Netflix is working on a new Rom-Com film, ‘La Dolce Villa’ which is based on actor Scott Foley (Eric) and filmed in Italy. 

Netflix La Dolce Villa is being Directed by Mark Walters who was involved in the production of Mean Girls, Vampire Academy, Mr. Penguin and many more. This is Mark waters’s third Major film on Netflix including Mark Walter’s ‘He’s All That’ which was released on Netflix in August 2021 and another upcoming Netflix Original film ‘Mother of the Bride’ which will be released in May 2024.

La Dolce Villa is being produced by Robin Snider. Deborah Evans and Nicola Rosado. Elizabeth Hackett and Hillary Galanoy will be seen as Executive Producers. This film is being supported by Production Companies ‘Front Row Films’ and ‘Die Light Media’. 

What is La Dolce Villa all about ?

As per the Deadline, La Dolce Villa is about successful businessman Eric (Foley) as he travels to Italy to stop his daydreaming daughter Olivia (Reficco) from blowing her life savings on restoring a crumbling villa she purchased for €1. Italy, however, has different plans for him as it delivers on its legendary promise of beauty, magic, and romance.”

‘La Dolce Villa’ New Netflix Rom-Com
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This movie is very similar to the movie ‘Made in Italy’ released in 2020. Liam Neeson was the in the lead role in this film. Which reminds us about him moving to Italy under challenging circumstances. At the time of writing, this movie is streaming in United States.

‘La Dolce Villa’ New Netflix Rom-Com
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La Dolce Villa cast

As per the current update from Netflix,  Scott Foley will be lead actor as Eric who will play the role of Businessmen and a Caring Father. Maia Reficco will be acting as his Daughter following with Violante Placido and Giuseppe Futia in this film.

‘La Dolce Villa’ New Netflix Rom-Com
Pictures : People, Rotten Tomatoes,, Geffen Playhouse

Scott Foley : Scott Foley is an American actor and has played a lead roles in many previous films and TV shows . Some of his famous  Movies are Scream 3, Self Storage ( Short Film ), Naked, Mr Maple Leaf( Short Film) and Stealing Time

Some of his famousTV shows are Felicity (1998-2002), Scrubs (2002-2009), The Unit (2002-2009 ), Grey’s Anatomy (2010-2012). He will also be seen as  recurring role in upcoming film ‘ The Girl on the Bus’ Character name Haydon Wells Garrett. Source Wikipedia

‘La Dolce Villa’ New Netflix Rom-Com
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Maia Reficco : She’s not just a talented actress and singer but also stars in exciting upcoming films! Born on July 14, 2000, she’s making big waves in the entertainment world. You might know her from shows like Kally’s Mashup and Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

But did you know she’s also starring in some new movies? One of them is called One Fast Move, where she plays a character named Camila. And there’s another one called A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow, where she acts as Lila Reyes. These films haven’t come out yet, but we’re sure Maia will shine brightly in them, just like she does in everything she does! Source- wikipedia

‘La Dolce Villa’ New Netflix Rom-Com
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Maria Violante Placido :  ” Let’s introduce Maria Violante Placido! She’s an actress and singer from Italy, born on May 1, 1976. That makes her quite experienced in the world of entertainment! You might have seen her in some amazing movies. In 2002, she starred in a film called Soul Mate. 

Then, in 2009, she acted in a Bollywood film called Barah Aana, where she played a character named Kate. That’s so cool! She’s not just limited to Bollywood though. In 2010, she appeared in a Hollywood movie called The American, where she played Clara. 

‘La Dolce Villa’ New Netflix Rom-Com
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And wait, there’s more! In 2011, she showed off her acting skills in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, a Hollywood film, where she portrayed Nadya. Violante Placido is a versatile actress, and her talent shines in every role she takes on. Keep an eye out for her—you never know where she’ll pop up next!” Source- wikipedia

What’s the production status of La Dolce Villa?

“Imagine a big movie called La Dolce Villa that’s going to be shown on Netflix! They started making this movie in Italy on March 11, 2024. They’re filming it in two beautiful places called Rome and Tuscany.

The person who’s making this movie, Mark Waters, actually talked about it on the internet before everyone knew about it. In January 2024, he shared some pictures on a website called Instagram while he was looking for places to film in Tuscany. Then, on January 23rd, 2024, he shared more stuff about it. They started filming the movie in March 2024, and they’re planning to finish it by May 2024. They’re using less than $10 million to make this movie!

Most of the movie is being filmed in Tuscany because it’s so pretty there, but they’re also filming some parts in other places in Italy. Mark Waters has been mentioned a lot on the internet because he’s the one making the movie.”

What’s the Netflix release date for La Dolce Villa?

We don’t have an exact date when Netflix will let us watch La Dolce Villa. They haven’t given us that information yet. But what we do know is that they started making the movie in March 2024. So, if we put two and two together, we can make a guess that it might be ready for us to watch in 2025. It’s like waiting for a cake to bake in the oven. You know it’s cooking, but you’re not sure exactly when it’ll be done. But when it is done, it’ll be worth the wait, just like a freshly baked cake!



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