Jo Nesbo Detective Hole: Netflix Surprising Cast & Expected To Premiere in 2026

Jo Nesbo Detective Hole
Image source: Netflix

Today, Netflix shared exciting news. They revealed the main cast and the title of a new crime series. The series is about Harry Hole, a famous detective created by Jo Nesbø.

The announcement took place at Schrøder, a famous restaurant in Oslo, Norway. This restaurant is special because Harry Hole often visits it in the books.

Tobias Santelmann will play Harry Hole in Jo Nesbo Detective Hole . You might know Tobias from “Exit” and “The Arctic Convoy.” Joel Kinnaman will be Tom Waaler. Joel starred in “Altered Carbon” and “The Suicide Squad.” Pia Tjelta will play Rakel Fauke. She was in “Made in Oslo” and “State of Happiness.”

Jo Nesbo Detective Hole
Image source: Netflix

Nesbø is regarded as one of the leading crime writers in the world. His books have been translated into 50 languages and sold around 60 million copies globally. He’s known for expanding the scope of the thriller genre with his unique literary qualities, psychological insights, and understanding of modern life.

The cast arrived in the cars they will use in the series. They drove a 1988 Ford Escort, a Skoda Enyaq, and a brand new Lotus Emira. Netflix confirmed the show’s title: “Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole.”

What is Jo Nesbo Detective Hole all about?

Jo Nesbo Detective Hole
Image source: Netflix

Created by one of the greatest storytellers in crime fiction, the series is a whodunnit serial killer mystery led by famed anti-hero Harry Hole. Harry is a brilliant but tormented homicide detective who struggles with his demons.

Underneath the surface, Jo Nesbø’s Detective Harry Hole is a nuanced character drama about two police officers who are supposed colleagues but operate on opposite sides of the law. Throughout the first season, Harry goes head-to-head with his longtime adversary, the corrupt Detective Tom Waaler. The two navigate the blurred ethical lines of the criminal justice system.

The show is a mystery about a serial killer. Harry Hole is a smart but troubled detective. He has to catch the killer and deal with a bad cop named Tom Waaler. The show will also explore Harry’s struggles and his fight for justice.

Who are the Cast Members in Jo Nesbo Detective Hole?

Jo Nesbo Detective Hole
L-R:Tobias, Santelmann, Tom Waaler, and Pia Tjelta, Image source: Rotten Tomatoes, Pinterest

Tobias Santelmann said, “I am very happy to play Harry Hole. I know many people love this character. I want to make a Harry that people know but also find surprising. I can’t wait to start filming.”

Tobias Santelmann (Exit, The Arctic Convoy) will lead the cast as the legendary Detective Harry Hole. Santelmann told Netflix he felt “incredibly humbled by the trust” he has been given in taking on this role. He added, “For me, it’s important to create a recognizable but also unexpected Harry. I can’t wait for the shoot to start.”

Speaking on Santelmann’s character, Nesbø added, “I’m guessing that all readers of the book series have their own vision of what Harry Hole would look like, and they should be allowed to keep that. We will create a Harry that is based not only on the books but someone based on the actor Tobias Santelmann and everyone involved in this project — both in front and behind the camera.”

Working alongside Santelmann is Joel Kinnaman (Altered Carbon, The Suicide Squad), who will play Tom Waaler, and Pia Tjelta (Made in Oslo, State of Happiness), who will play Rakel Fauke. 

Main Cast:
– Tobias Santelmann as Harry Hole
– Joel Kinnaman as Tom Waaler
– Pia Tjelta as Rakel Fauke 


Who are behind the creation of Jo Nesbo Detective Hole?

Jo Nesbo Detective Hole
L-R: Jo Nesbo, Oyster Karsen and tor Arne Ovrebo. Image source: IMDB, Linkedin, The Guardian

The series is created by Jo Nesbø, the renowned author of the Harry Hole book series. Nesbø is also a showrunner on the series.

Øystein Karlsen is the director, known for his work on various acclaimed projects. The series is produced by Tor Arne Øvrebø.

Executive producers include:

  • Tim Bevan
  • Eric Fellner
  • Katy Rozelle
  • Rene Ezra
  • Øystein Karlsen
  • Jo Nesbø
  • Niclas Salomonsson

The series is produced by Working Title Television, a leading film and TV production company. It is part of Universal International Studios, a division of Universal Studio Group.

Jo Nesbø, the author, said, “Every reader has their own idea of Harry Hole. We want to keep that. But we will also make a Harry based on Tobias Santelmann and our team. We aim to create something new and exciting.”

Eric Fellner, an executive producer, said, “We are thrilled to work with Jo Nesbø to bring Harry Hole to life. Our great cast and crew show how amazing Jo’s stories are. With Netflix, we can share this series with the world.” 

What is the Production Status and Release Date of Jo Nesbø’s Detective Harry Hole?

The series will be filmed in Oslo. Filming starts on May 23. It is produced by Working Title Television and we can expect it to premiere on Netflix in 2026. 

Are you excited to watch this upcoming thrilling series Jo Nesbo Detective Hole in 2026, Let me know in the comments below. Meanwhile you can check what other thrilling movies/tv shows are coming to Netflix throughout 2024.



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