‘La Dolce Villa’ New Netflix Rom-Com : All you need to know

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Ranjeet Kumar Jha

"Netflix brings back the romance with 'La Dolce Villa', a heartwarming tale set in Italy, starring Scott Foley and Maia Reficco."

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"Directed by Mark Waters of 'Mean Girls' fame, 'La Dolce Villa' promises beauty, magic, and romance in the picturesque backdrop of Italy.

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"Produced by Robin Snider, 'La Dolce Villa' boasts a stellar cast including Scott Foley, Maia Reficco, and Violante Placido."

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"Filming in the enchanting locales of Rome and Tuscany, 'La Dolce Villa' captures the essence of Italy's charm and allure."

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"Maia Reficco brings charm and depth to her role as Olivia, adding a touch of magic to the enchanting tale of 'La Dolce Villa'."

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"Mark Waters' vision for 'La Dolce Villa' reflects in every frame, promising an unforgettable cinematic experience."

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"Stay tuned for the Netflix release of 'La Dolce Villa', a film that promises to whisk you away on a journey of love and discovery."

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"Get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of Italy and the magic of love with 'La Dolce Villa', coming soon to Netflix."

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