Kaia Gerber debuts on SNL with Kristen Wiig in a comedic horror sketch; details revealed.

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Ranjeet Kumar Jha

Actors Kaia Gerber, Finn Wolfhard, and Andrew Barth Feldman join the cast of SNL 1975, adding star power to the behind-the-scenes saga.

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Kristen Wiig and Kaia Gerber team up for a hilarious horror movie sketch on SNL, delighting audiences with their comedic chemistry.

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SNL horror sketch offers a spine-chilling glimpse into the untold story behind the iconic television show's inception in 1975.

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Gil Kenan's script for SNL 1975, based on interviews with cast and crew, promises a captivating narrative of comedy and camaraderie.

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Gabriel LaBelle, Dylan O'Brien, and Cory Michael Smith round out the stellar cast of SNL 1975, portraying key figures in the show's history.

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Kaia Gerber's passion for acting, nurtured since childhood, shines as she embraces her role in SNL 1975 and other cinematic ventures.

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During the filming of Palm Royale, Kaia Gerber eagerly absorbs wisdom from Kristen Wiig, a former SNL cast member, enhancing her craft.

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Kaia Gerber's journey from school plays to cult horror films exemplifies her dedication to the art of acting and her ascent in the industry.

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