‘Unlocked: a Jail Experiment’ Netflix’s 2024 Unscripted Docuseries : Real or Fake

‘Unlocked: a Jail Experiment’ Netflix’s 2024 Unscripted Docuseries
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An ongoing debate has ignited surrounding the authority to permit filming inside a detention facility for Netflix’s 2024 unscripted docuseries “Unlocked: a Jail Experiment.”

According to legal documents obtained by TODAY.com and shared by the Arkansas Times, Sheriff Higgins signed an agreement with Lucky 8 TV, the production company behind the series, back in 2022. However, county officials, as reported by the Arkansas Times, contend that Higgins lacked the authority to enter into such an agreement. Pulaski County attorney Adam Fogleman asserted that only the county judge possesses the authority to bind the county to a “legally enforceable agreement.”


In an interview with Arkansas’ Democrat-Gazette, Higgins referred to the document he signed as a “location release” rather than a contract and admitted that he does not have the authority to sign a contract on behalf of the county.

Documents reveal that Lucky 8 TV issued a $60,000 cheque to Pulaski County for filming rights. Furthermore, Lieutenant Antonio Waters and Deputy George Belt received compensation for providing off-duty security to Lucky 8 staff at a rate of $40 per hour. However, there is no indication in the documents that prisoners received compensation for their participation.

Despite attempts to gather comments from Fogleman, Higgins, and Lucky8, TODAY.com has not received responses at the time of publication.

The question persists: is “Unlocked: a Jail Experiment” from the list of  Netflix’s 2024 Unscripted Docuseries  a genuine exploration or a scripted concoction? As the debate continues, the series remains under scrutiny for its authenticity.

Source: TODAY.com

What is "Unlocked: A Jail Experiment" all about?

The new Netflix series “Unlocked: A Jail Experiment” has sparked both positive and negative reactions since its debut. This eight-part series delves into an experiment conducted at the Pulaski County jail in Little Rock, Arkansas, where inmates are granted freedom and privileges within a designated unit.

Sheriff Eric Higgins initiated this experiment with the aim of demonstrating to detainees that they can behave as individuals rather than as criminals by providing them with freedoms and privileges such as unrestricted movement and free phone calls. He believes that this approach could positively impact their lives beyond incarceration.


‘Unlocked: a Jail Experiment’ Netflix’s 2024 Unscripted Docuseries
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Among the inmates featured in the series is Jordan Parkinson, who faces charges of capital murder in connection with the 2022 death of Jadon Shackelford in Little Rock.

Hailey Shackelford, Jadon Shackelford’s mother, expressed her emotional turmoil about the show, stating that she finds it difficult to watch. Seeing one of the individuals accused of her son’s murder participate in a freedom experiment feels like an injustice to her.

The experiment involved fifty inmates transitioning from spending 23 hours a day behind locked doors to having no locked doors and no officers present.


‘Unlocked: a Jail Experiment’ Netflix’s 2024 Unscripted Docuseries
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Hailey Shackelford conveyed her pain and disbelief at witnessing someone responsible for her son’s death receiving rewards and privileges, emphasizing that violent crimes should not be rewarded in any form.

For Shackelford, the series reopened deep wounds, and she expressed regret at not being informed about it before its airing. She believes that other families who have experienced similar losses may share her sentiments.

The experiment lasted six weeks, after which Jordan Parkinson was released on bond.

“Unlocked: A Jail Experiment” premiered on April 10 with 8 episodes and remains available for viewing on Netflix.

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Who Is Randy Randall in Netflix's Unlocked: A Jail Experiment?

Known by the moniker True Story, Randy Randall emerges as one of the central figures in Netflix’s “Unlocked: A Jail Experiment.” At 47 years old, Randall assumes a leadership role within the prison community, often acting as a wise mediator to defuse conflicts.

His responsibilities include maintaining cleanliness within the detention centre by overseeing tasks such as tray distribution, table washing, and laundry duties on Saturdays.


‘Unlocked: a Jail Experiment’ Netflix’s 2024 Unscripted Docuseries
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According to records from the Arkansas Department of Corrections, Randy Randall, born on May 12, 2024, stands at six feet ten inches tall and weighs 186 pounds. Following his involvement in the filming of “Unlocked,” Randall was transferred from the Pulaski County Regional Detention Facility to the Ouachita River Correctional Unit on February 12, 2024.

Randall’s criminal history traces back to August 2000, when he was convicted of aggravated robbery and theft by receiving stolen goods. Subsequent to his Arkansas convictions, Randall faced additional charges in other states between 2012 and 2015, primarily related to drug possession.

His most recent conviction occurred in January 2024 for second-degree domestic battery, resulting in a 120-month sentence.

During his incarceration, Randall participated in various programs aimed at addressing anger management and promoting positive behavioral change. His custody classification is designated as “C2,” indicating confinement in minimum security.

As of now, Randall’s parole and transfer eligibility date is scheduled for June 23, 2025.

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