Netflix’s ‘The Queen of Villains’ Japanese Wrestling Series Releasing in September 2024

Netflix’s ‘The Queen of Villains’ Japanese Wrestling Series
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There’s an exciting new movie coming to Netflix soon! It’s called “The Queen of Villains.” Remember how we talked about wrestling and careers? Well, this series is all about that!

As per TV TVinsider, it was first announced way back in 2021, and people were super excited when they heard about this series. But guess what? It’s finally happening in September 2024; we’ll get to see it on Netflix. 

The plot of The Queen of Villains is based on the true story of a famous Japanese wrestler, Dump Matsumoto. She was really awesome and became a big inspiration for other female wrestlers in the 1980s. In this series, three talented actors named Yuriyan Retriever, Karata Erika, and Ayame Gôriki will play the main roles. And guess what? It’s the first time they’ll premiere on Netflix!

The story was written by Jun’ya Ikegami and Osamu Suzuki, and it was directed by Kazuya Shiraishi. And the amazing part of this movie is that Netflix has made the whole thing themselves! They have their own special studio, known as Netflix Studios, just for making awesome shows, series, and movies like this one. So, get ready to cheer for your favorite wrestlers when “The Queen of Villains” hits Netflix in September 2024!

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When is The Queen of Villains coming to Netflix?

Just like you, I am also excited to know the release date of The Queen of Villains. It was first revealed in 2021 by Netflix Then it was delayed until 2023, and now it will finally be released in September 2024. Even though the actual release date has not been announced yet, as per What’s on Netflix, it is expected to release on September 19, 2024. 

What is 'The Queen of Villains' all about?

As per the asianwiki, I was able to get a plot summary of this series to share with you today. 

“The Queen of Villains” tells the story of professional female wrestler Dump Matsumoto, who achieved fame in the 1980’s. As a young woman, Dump Matsumoto (Yuriyan Retriever) hoped to become a successful professional wrestler while playing a good character. She got fired from her job and made the fateful decision to perform as an evil character.

let’s get to know little more about Dump Matsumoto and the main cast Yuriyan Retriever, Karata Erika, and Ayame Gôriki, who have never worked in any Netflix projects before this. It will help us understand why The Queen of Villains is a must-watch Japanese series on Netflix.

Who is Dump Motsumoto ?

Netflix’s ‘The Queen of Villains’ Japanese Wrestling Series
Pictures : Amino Apps, Wrestling Biographies, and Scott's blog of doom

Dump Matsumoto was a really famous wrestler back in the 1980s. She was one of the top female wrestlers when most wrestlers were men. Because she was so popular, more women started wrestling too.

This show will be about Dump Matsumoto’s friends and enemies, and how she became such a big wrestler. At first, she almost lost her job, but then she became the most famous female wrestler in Japan ever! She led a group of other famous wrestlers called Gokuaku Domei, including Crane Yu, Condor Saito, and Bull Nakano.

Lead characters and cast of The Queen of Villains

Yuriyan Retriever

As per Anime News Network, Yuriyan Retriever belongs to Yoshino, Nara, Japan, was born on November 1, 1990, and will be playing the lead role of Dump Motsumoto in The Queen of Villains. She has never worked with Netflix before and is excited to debut on Netflix with a Netflix Japanese series. 

We got more information about Yuriyan Retriever below from TVinsider which you must checkout. 

Netflix’s ‘The Queen of Villains’ Japanese Wrestling Series
Picture : Grape Japan, Wrestling Biography

We got more information about Yuriyan Retriever below from TVinsider which you must checkout. 

She was eliminated in the audition round when she took part in America Got Talent in 2019. In 2021, She won the R-1 Grand Prix to earn the title of best single comedy performer in Japan. In 2019, she appeared as a dancer on Season 14 of America’s Got Talent but was eliminated in the audition round. She gained further worldwide recognition in 2020 for portraying Ariana Grande in Naomi Watanabe’s “Rain On Me” parody music video. Retriever has also appeared on multiple seasons of Amazon Prime Video’s comedy competition series Documental.

Karata Erika

26-year-old Karata Erika started her entertainment career in 2014. and will be playing the role of Nagayo Chigusa in upcoming Netflix Japanese series. She will also debut on Netflix with this. She started her career as a model and first appeared in the music video ‘Devine” by the Girls Generation.

Netflix’s ‘The Queen of Villains’ Japanese Wrestling Series
Picture : and Koreaboo

She became famous after she worked as an image model for Sony Financial Holdings. After this, she never looked back and appeared in many TV shows and films. Some of her tv shows and films are Kiss That Kills, Harrashment Game, Arthdhal Chronicals, Ashako I & II, Cheer Boys and many more. She also won the Best New Actor Award for Ashako I & II at the Yokohama Film Festival 

Source- Wikipedia

Ayame Goriki

Netflix’s ‘The Queen of Villains’ Japanese Wrestling Series
Picture : Jpop wiki & Rectal Ozone

31-year-old Ayame Goriki was first appeared as a model for a magazine when she was just 7 year’s old. She will be playing the role of Lioness Ashuka in this Netflix Japanese wrestler series. She debuted her career as actress in the 2007 Japanese TV show Chocomimi. and since then she has appeared in many tv shows like ‘Cosmic Star’ , ‘Biblia Koshodo No Jiken Techo’ etc.

She also gave her voice for character Elizabeth Shaw in Prometheus in 2012, as well as to character Mystique in X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Some of her films where she also played the lead/supportive role are Quartlet, Gatchaman, Black Butler and so many more. She also worked in animation films, video games, and radio shows. 
Source of information : Wikipedia

When and where was The Queen of Villains filmed?

As per What’s on Netflix, Shinichi Takahashi is the executive producer, and Osamu Suzuki is listed as a producer. Netflix’s in-house production studio, Netflix Studios, is behind the series. and filming occurred in Saitama, Japan, between January 5th, 2023, and October 1st, 2023.

Let me know in the comment below how you feel about this upcoming Japanese Series on Netflix.



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