9 Polish Netflix Original Movies and Series Ready to Debut in 2024

Polish Netflix Original Movies and Series
Image Source: Netflix

Netflix has just unveiled an exciting lineup of original movies and series from Poland set to debut in 2024 and trust us, you won’t want to miss a single moment.But before we delve into the details of these thrilling productions, we have some exciting news to share.

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Now, back to the main event! The newly announced lineup includes nine Polish productions set to launch in 2024, comprising four series and five films. This exciting addition builds upon the success of titles already released this year, including the final instalment of the hit trilogy “The Mire: Millennium,” Season 2 of “Love Never Lies: Poland,” and the gripping criminal series “Detective Forst.” Plus, don’t miss out on romantic comedy films like “Kill Me If You Dare” and “No Pressure.”

Now let’s get to know more about each new title which are coming our way from Poland on Netflix in 2024.

Boxer (Netflix Original Film) 2024

Polish Netflix Original Movies and Series
image source: Netflix

Follow the inspiring journey of Janek, a promising young boxer portrayed by Eryk Kulm Jr., who flees communist Poland to pursue his dreams in the boxing ring. With only his wife (Ada Chlebicka) by his side, Janek faces numerous challenges, including participating in a fixed match that could change his life forever.

Director: Mitja Okorn
Producer: Maciej Kawulski
Release Date: 2024

Colors of Evil: Red (Netflix Original Film) 2024

Polish Netflix Original Movies and Series
image source: Netflix

Dive into the gripping world of crime and mystery as an ambitious prosecutor (Jakub Gierszał) teams up with a grieving mother (Maja Ostaszewska) to unravel the truth behind a chilling murder case. Based on Małgorzata Oliwia-Sobczak’s novel, this dark thriller promises to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Director: Adrian Panek
Producer: Emma Nyberg
Release Date: May 29, 2024

Go Ahead, Brother (Netflix New Series) 2024

Polish Netflix Original Movies and Series
image source: Netflix

When a police officer (Piotr Witkowski) is forced to leave the force after a panic attack, he finds himself in a desperate situation after his father’s suicide leaves him with massive gambling debts. To make ends meet, he takes a job as a security guard, but soon discovers an opportunity to solve his financial problems.

Director: Maciej Pieprzyca
Producer: Łukasz Dzięcioł
Release Date: 2024

Green Glove Gang Season 2 (Netflix Returning Series) 2024

Polish Netflix Original Movies and Series
image source: Netflix

The Green Glove Gang faces their toughest challenge yet when one of their own gets in trouble with a notorious gangster. Forced out of hiding, the thieves must pull off one final heist to save their friend’s son. Starring Małgorzata Potocka, Anna Romantowska, and Magdalena Kuta.

Directors: Bartosz Kruhlik, Antonio Galdamez
Producers: Magdalena Jaworska, Daria Drzewiecka
Release Date: 2024

Inheritance (Netflix Original Film) 2024

When an eccentric inventor and game show host passes away, his quirky family gathers to compete for his fortune in a series of challenges. With tasks that test their ability to work together, tensions rise as they navigate through a maze of puzzles. Featuring Jan Peszek, Maciej Stuhr, and Joanna Trzepiecińska.

Director: Sylwester Jakimow
Producers: Jerzy Dzięgielewski, Paweł Heba
Release Date: 2024

Mothers of Penguins (Netflix New Series) 2024

Polish Netflix Original Movies and Series
image source: Netflix

Follow the journey of a fierce MMA fighter (Masza Wągrocka) as she navigates the challenges of motherhood while her son attends a new school. Unaware of the vastly different backgrounds of the other parents, she must adapt to a new environment and confront unexpected challenges. Also starring Magdalena Różczka and Barbara Wypych.

Directors: Klara Kochańska Bajon, Jagoda Szelc
Producer: Agnieszka Kurzydło
Release Date: 2024

Project UFO (Netflix New Series) 2024

Polish Netflix Original Movies and Series
image source: Netflix

Join two unlikely allies—a fading TV star and an extraterrestrial enthusiast—as they embark on a quest to uncover the truth behind a UFO sighting. However, their pursuit attracts the attention of a powerful politician who seeks to exploit paranormal activity for personal gain. Featuring Piotr Adamczyk, Mateusz Kościukiewicz, and Julia Kijowska.

Director/Writer: Kasper Bajon
Producer: Anna Kępińska
Release Date: 2024

Napad (Netflix Original Film) 2024

Polish Netflix Original Movies and Series
image source: Netflix

When a discharged police officer (Olaf Lubaszenko) is given a chance to reclaim his former life by capturing a group responsible for a bank attack, he must act quickly before the media attention attracts unwanted scrutiny from new authorities. Joining him on the case is a young policewoman (Wiktoria Gorodeckaja) determined to crack the case.

Director: Michał Gazda
Producer: Magdalena Szwedkowicz
Release Date: 2024

Divorce (Netflix Original Film) 2024

This is a comedy film starring Magdalena Popławska who has previously worked in Netflix series Glitter in 2022. This film is based on a formerly married couple as they navigate the hilarious obstacles on their journey to have their church wedding annulled.

Release Date: 2024

Which one are you looking to watch. Let me know in the comments below. 

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